Japan Fire Festival

About Japan Fire Festilval 2009

Date and Location


Iizuna Ski Resort

Sep 19(Before party),20-21(Main festival events),22(After party!)


Please check out participation guideline for full detail about participate application.

1st round 7,000yen........must be registered and paid by July 31st

2nd round 8,000yen........must be registered and paid by August 31st

Door 9,000yen
Online register finished .
The acceptance is accepted for 9,000 yen on that day. Please accept in the reception.

  • Parking fee, facility use fee, fuel for performance, workshop participation fee are included. (*1) except some workshop that requires fee for material to make toys,etc..
  • There will be no refund for any reason such as event delay, cancel of participation.JFF committee will not take responsible for those losses occur under those circumstances.

About shops

If the branch shop fee can be paid, participating can freely sell the article.Please contact to planning committee (info@firefestival.jp) for an applicaton beforehand. Please sell goods of your shop, your favourite meal, and the original made tool etc.

About rain

Even if it rains heavily by any chance, all events will be still carried out because there are the indoor facilities . Please not to worry about it. However, if the management has difficlty due to the influences such as rain storm and typhoons and the event can hardly continue, then whole event might be cancelled so please acknowledge it beforehand.

For safety and the comfort(Please read. )

Those we who organise will correspond most carefully regarding use of the fire in order to maitain safety of everybody who participates to have neither the injury nor the accident and to spend time at festival happily. Moreover, we will be appreciated if you can follow to istruction by execution comittee and volunteer staff if instructed.

1.Thoroughness in fire use area
The use of the fire is possible only in the permitted area. The use of the fire outside the area is prohibited.

2.Prohibition of bringing in of fuel
In order to maiain the safety, we will be thorough about use of the fire within specified area and all safe fuel and container will be prepared by executing committee. As a result, the accident because of the use of a dangerous fuel and a deteriorated fuel is prevented at the same time as persisting in the use of the fire in the area. The container will secure safety by using only a container regulated to which nonflammabe.
We will correspond to request for use of the usually used fuel if there is any enquiry beforehand.Please cotact to excecution committee(info@firefestival.jp) about enquiry for the use of special fuel and etc.

Fire Inspection

3.Tool check
The organising staff will occasionally check the equipment of everyone at entrance or inside of the venue in order to prevent any accident happnenning at the venue. We will check stuff such as superannuated equipment, loosen of metal fitting or screw.
But please be sure to secure the safety of your equipment bofore you get to the venue. Please understand and cooperate with the exectuting committee and not to use the tool if you have warn to hold back.

4. Preparation for firefighting equipment
we will prepare the fire extinguishers with a necessary number depend on the extent of the area. Additionally prepare many buckets filled up with water and a wet towel, and arrange them properly. The observer will always carries, manages these, and will be prepared for an unexpected accident.

5. The observer staff's residing
Those who sponsor it receive the volunteer staff's cooperation, observ the venue alternatively, and check whether nobody is doing violations or a dangerous act. We will be very appreciated for your cooperation.


6. Be kind for earth and mankind.
In order to reduce rubbish, please bring you own dish and hashi, folk, spoon. Please bring your own ashtray if you are smoker. Bringing dangerous object, illegal thing into the venue is prohibited.

7. Cleanup
Please take your garbage home basically. Please pick up as many rubbish surround of your tent and and venue as you can when you returning home.

Once the festival ends the cleanup activity of the venue will be done thoroughly with help of volunteer staff. Please continue your favors toward the cooperation so the festival at the venue can be going on from next year as well!