Japan Fire Festival

About Fire Contest and Fire Show

JFF2009 will have contest to decide the best fire performer in Japan and held the fire show by a top performer.

Fire contest entry guidance

JFF2008 will have contest to decide the best fire performer in Japan.
As the number of entry for the contest increasing every year, we realized that it is hard to put everyone in contest, and so we decided to have preliminary selection from this year. We hope your understanding.

we are waiting for your entry!

Entree fee

Preliminary selection is free, and then if you pass the preliminary selection, 1000JPY will be needed for contest entry.

Entry method

Please fill up following information and send us by e-mail.

  • (1)name
  • (2)nick name(for all applicant), Team name.
  • (3)phone number
  • (4)e-mail address
  • (5)Number of performers
    Please refer to "number of performers" below.
  • (6)Tool which will be used at actual performance (ex. poi, staff, etc...)
  • (7)Your enthusiasm in sentence. (we will use it for intro MC on the day)
  • (8)method for submitting movie file.
    Pick the method from following; attach URL for method (a) and (b).Write "by post" for method (c).

Method for submitting movie file

(a)Submit by using file transferring service.
note: You cannot submit by attaching the file on e-mail.

(b)Upload movie using accessible website, and submit URL.

(c)Copy movie file into media such as DVD, and post it to JFF committee office. Please use general encodable file format such as mov, avi, Mpeg, wmv, mp4.
note: We will not return the media submitted.

Movie prescription

  • s3-4minutes "unedited" performance footage (either fire or non-fire). Submit by send movie file, movie URL, copy to DVD and post.
  • Any movie taken with Video camera, digital camera and mobile phone are acceptable.
  • It is better if you can submit unedited movie, however edited movie are acceptable.
  • If you submit movie that is more than 4minutes, then the first 4minutes from start point of the movie is going to be judged.
  • For team entry, performance structure in submitted movie preferably same as much as possible to your actual performance at contest.
  • Tools used in the movie should be same tool as what you going to use in your actual performance at contest. If not, please advise us explanation by written sentence and we will reconsider marking.
  • Submitted movie are not to be exhibited until the actual performing at contest except submit by using open media source (such as youtube), however not going to be announced by JFF committee.
  • Submitted movie may be used for report and advertise purpose after the contest is done.

Application address

The application ahead:Yoneya's house or (info@firefestival.jp)

Selection method

They will be strictly selected by JFF committee.

Entry close date

23:59pm, sat 31th, August2009
It must be delivered by the date when the movie posted with media such as DVD.

Selection criteria

Preliminary selection will take following criteria of three out of five criteria referred to actual JFF2009 contest.

  • (a)Skill point - points added according to tool usage, level of trick that used
  • (b)Artistic point - harmonization with music, matching, costume and effects
  • (c)Originality point - level of originality

Result announcement

It will be E-mailed to applicants on Mon 7th September.


JFF2009 Fire Contest outline

Only those who passed preliminary selection will enter the fire contest.


Perform with fire and compete in terms of beauty and expression of fire performance.


Sptember20th, 19:00 start Basically we need you to attend meeting for pre-arrangement before the performance. (On contest day afternoon)
If you have trouble attending this meeting, please let us know.

Performance length

Sole - 4minutes, Team - 10minutes (over length may possibly be result to subtraction)

Number of performers

Sole - Up to one main performer who uses fire. Those who assist the performance (ex. help tools preparation and fire use, effects and lighting) are not in count.

Team - More than 2 main performers who use fire. Those who assist the performance (ex. help tools preparation and fire use, effects and lighting) are not in count.


Fire breathing, fire eating, fire injection, and anything that cause big fire those considered as dangerous acts are not permitted in venue.
Please keep in mind that we may forcibly stop the performance if judges find the performance is too dangerous.
When you participate in this contest, we ask for promise for understanding to pay attention to safety and you are responsible for all causes.


Either bring CD or live music using music instruments. The CD must be handed in to administration on the day.

Usable music at contest.
JFF committee is trying to make beneficial system for those win contest and guest performers by selling DVD to return benefit.
We have obtained understanding for music usage restriction from top performers and achieved selling out DVD.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
"JFF2009 Fire Contest"
Domestic music under management of JASRAC (*1) , Copyright free material

(*1)Even though it is JASRAC management domestic music, we still may have to ask for music replacement in case such as it costs more than 50,000yen to use the track.
For JASRAC management domestic music, please visit JASRAC homepage (http://www.jasrac.or.jp/) Click music database search engine on right bottom of top page and you can find out if the music track is under JASRAC management or not from J-WID page.

Prize been planned

  • Winner - 30,000JPY cash +invitation to JFF2010 (participation fee) + prize from supporting companies.
  • Overall winner - 10,000JPY cash + Prize from supporting companies.
  • 3rd winner - 5,000JPY cash + prize from supporting companies.

Prize setting for rest of award are undecided.


About fuel management

Kerosene will be prepared by JFF.
If you would like to use some special fuel such as white gasoline, then please declare it to committee and please manage it yourself and be careful handling.

Those who participate contest or perform with fire must pay attention to safety for both audience and your self and you are responsible for all accidents.We will run safety management thoroughly, however please remember that basically it is your responsible.
Please participate safety lecture.