Japan Fire Festival


asuka's workshop2

One of the main events during this fantastic festival is Workshop!!

The purpose of holding workshop is to exchange skills and idea each other, learn new thing and also to tighten friendship between participants!

We are planning to schedule various workshop whole time during the festival is going on. It's going to be awesome fun to look time table full of fun looking workshop and think which workshop you want to attend next, don't you think!? Not just Poi, but all kind of juggling, dance, yoga, tai-chi, music instrument, how to making tool, etc.... anything is OK. Would you share your skills and idea in JFF!?

Participation condition

People who has fun, new, useful thing to share and would like to share it with everyone, bring more fun to JFF!


Participant's big smile!

Application method

Please fill in following information and e-mail it to JFF committee (info@firefestival.jp).
[Workshop title]
[Teacher's name]
[Skill and tool required]
[duration required]
[Workshop outline]
[Time and Are you wish to do your workshop]
[If help staff needed or not]

[Workshop title]
POI workshop without poi vol.1, POI workshop without poi vol.2 (undecided) 1set by 2 workshop.

[Teacher's name]
Workshop Taro

[skill and tool required]
People who like moving body

[Duration required]
An hour and half each

[Workshop outline]
basic of big circle turn to 8figure pirette, game use footwork, practice choreograph. I will do basic poi each time.

[Time and are you wish to do your workshop]
Main space'A' Time when it's not too hot

[If help staff needed or not]
I would like help if there are people who is confident in pirette.

*Workshop teacher still need to pay participation fee. Purpose of workshop is just to have fun with everyone.