About Japan Fire Festilval

  • The festival has been managed by volunteers who loved fire performance, and became Japan fire festival with our wish to create be loved festival with a thick content of. Naranha Ltd. becomes our sponsor who will back up overall festival as special supporter.
  • This year's theme is 'Let's create the space with love happily and brightly. '
  • This festival cannot be achieved only by the person who does fire twirling.
    Let's create a wonderful space not only by fire but by verious connection of the person and the person which born through the fire as well.
  • Workshops of various genres (Jambe/yoga/belly dance/Patica/juggle) will be done all over the place.
    Live music, daytime performance, restaurant, shops, massage booth, body paint booth and more will be provided so people who does't attend work shop can have fun as well.
  • At night time, we will hold events mainly focused on fire performance.
    We will move the speakers to indoor facilities after 10PM and be going through all night.
    You can sleep or dance or pretty much depend on you how to have fun.
    Then quieter outside, we will hold class and workshop for people who light up for the first time.
  • Workshop (classroom) ・・・ At any time

  • all day place of gathering where all can teach and learn to each other. Players who have various range of techniques gather in this festival so the workshops will be held at this valuable chance. Please click here in detail.
  • The fire show

    Opening act:
  • HARUKAZEHIMAI (It puts or dance by all means. )"Spring breeze Cama (It puts or dance by all means)" on which it is acted in Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu City appears in the opening act on September 6. 20 people are the participation schedules in the stage of this JFF. Another doesn't have the example by the performance in such an adult number, and the power to doing without fail and to grip spectator's mind. In spring breeze Cama, the staff of the social welfare corporate spring breeze association is the main vicinity from 1990. The wish for health and happiness is put in the people in the be imprisoned elderly person and the family and the region in which it participated in the event etc. of the summer festival centering on Facilities for Senior Citizens and the Disabled in the east part of Shizuoka Prefecture (country city and Izu City in Numazu City and Izu), and fire performance "Dance on Tuesday" to face the god of the fire of happiness is done. The dance group is doing "Dance on Tuesday" in each facilities on Tuesday of about 50 people, and the dance person who has danced "Dance on Tuesday" exceeds 100 people, and is done by the institution for the aged and the hospital in Fuji City in the vicinity etc. by today every year.
  • Guest stage:
  • Active fire performer "Sage" and she announce the top performer September 7 of Sangre Del Sol (San Gres Del Sol)+ Japan all over the world as a guest stage and top performers (Polaris,Poism,Firebandit,etc...) in fire performance team "Sangre Del Sol" (Japan) that leads announce a show wonderful ..under starry sky in Fujinomiya...
  • Sage
    Sangre del Sol
    Video of Sangre del Sol

  • Fire contest

    This is the competition to decide the best fire artist in Japan.
    Please clickhere in detail.
  • 1000 poi

  • It is a 1000 poi spinner project by Nori of Fire Bandit. In daytime, let's spin non fire poi all together at same time! It's not a problem as long as it is poi. Please bring your favorite poi.
  • Besides this, I want to take the idea of everybody widely. Moreover, it is recruitment on a large scale as for the volunteer staff who can help such project and management. Please see here in detail.
  • Moreover, I would like to widely take the idea of everybody. Also we are looking for the volunteer staff who can help such project and management. Please see here in detail.
  • Participation charge and application

    This event is a pay event. It is necessary to pay the participation fee for the person who wish to participate.
    It is possible to pay the fee on the day of the event. but price is set lower if you apply for it before the date.
    Please see here in detail.
  • About shops

    If the branch shop fee can be paid, participating can freely sell the article. We are currently considering the price for branch shop charge.
    Please contact to planning committee (info@firefestival.jp) for an applicaton beforehand. Please sell goods of your shop, your favourite meal, and the original made tool etc.
  • Rain

    Even if it rains heavily by any chance, all events will be still carried out because there are the indoor facilities .
    Please not to worry about it.
    However, if the management has difficlty due to the influences such as rain storm and typhoons and the event can hardly continue, then whole event might be cancelled so please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • For safety and the comfort(Please read. )

    Those we who organise will correspond most carefully regarding use of the fire in order to maitain safety of everybody who participates to have neither the injury nor the accident and to spend time at festival happily. Moreover, we will be appreciated if you can follow to istruction by execution comittee and volunteer staff if instructed.
  • 1.Thoroughness in fire use area
    The use of the fire is possible only in the permitted area. The use of the fire outside the area is prohibited.
  • 2.Prohibition of bringing in of fuel
    In order to maiain the safety, we will be thorough about use of the fire within specified area and all safe fuel and container will be prepared by executing committee. As a result, the accident because of the use of a dangerous fuel and a deteriorated fuel is prevented at the same time as persisting in the use of the fire in the area. The container will secure safety by using only a container regulated to which nonflammabe.
    We will correspond to request for use of the usually used fuel if there is any enquiry beforehand.Please cotact to excecution committee(info@firefestival.jp) about enquiry for the use of special fuel and etc.

  • 3.Tool check
    The organising staff will occasionally check the equipment of everyone at entrance or inside of the venue in order to prevent any accident happnenning at the venue. We will check stuff such as superannuated equipment, loosen of metal fitting or screw.
    But please be sure to secure the safety of your equipment bofore you get to the venue.
  • Please understand and cooperate with the exectuting committee and not to use the tool if you have warn to hold back.

  • 4. Preparation for firefighting equipment
    we will prepare the fire extinguishers with a necessary number depend on the extent of the area. Additionally prepare many buckets filled up with water and a wet towel, and arrange them properly.
    The observer will always carries, manages these, and will be prepared for an unexpected accident.
  • 5. The observer staff's residing
    Those who sponsor it receive the volunteer staff's cooperation, observ the venue alternatively, and check whether nobody is doing violations or a dangerous act.
    We will be very appreciated for your cooperation.
  • 6. Cleanup
    Please take your garbage home basically.
    Please pick up as many rubbish surround of your tent and and venue as you can when you returning home.
  • Once the festival ends the cleanup activity of the venue will be done thoroughly with help of volunteer staff.
    Please continue your favors toward the cooperation so the festival at the venue can be going on from next year as well!