About Contest

  • JFF2007 will hold a Contest to decide the best fire performer in Japan. Please read following very carefully before the entry application who wish to participate.

Fuel Management

  • Kerosene (the fourth dangerous kind second oil) will be prepared by staff.
  • For use of the special fuel such as the white gasoline, each one has to be careful with using and must be manage by each one. Please declare it to the committee beforehand.
  • As for the person who participates the contest and light up fire equipment, make sure the safety of yourself and surroundings
    Even when it comes to the accident, committee cannot take any responsibility.
    We will be thorough about safety management, however please understand that it is your own responsibilities.
    Please participate in the safety-training program

2007 Outline of JFF fire contest

  • Concept

    Performance that use fire and compete the beauty and expressive power.
  • Date/entry

  • Middle Class Contest
  • September8th (FRI) 22:30
    Entry application has be made beforehand.
    We might possibly have preliminary contest for middle class contest depend if there are large number of competitors
  • Advanced Class Contest
  • September 9th (SAT) 19:00
    Preliminary contest will start September 8th (FRI) 22:00
  • Time for performance

  • 4mins (exceeding time may possibly lose mark)
  • Number of performer

  • Only 1 person whom performs with fire is allowed.
    You can have as many assistance as you want who back up your tools, play music, lighting.
  • notice

  • Dangerous act such as fire eating, fire breathing, fire injection, and those that can cause big fire is prohibited at venue. Please note that performance with high risks can possibly cause a demerit mark by the judge's judgment or might be compulsorily ended.
    Please remember to pay attention regarding thorough safely, and to participate all in own responsibility when you participate.
  • Music

  • Bring your own music source in CD or MD format, or live music play.
    As for those who bring own music, please copy your music source in CD or MD and hand it to the reception on the day.
    • Music source allowed for the contest
      It was JFF committee’s desire to create the system to reward winners and guest performers in return throughout of selling DVD.
      We have granted permission by top performers to have limitation in use of music source in performance and at last got opportunity to actualize DVD sell.
      Please continue your favors toward understanding and cooperation
    • ( i ) 2007 JFF Poi, Staff Contest (currently under consultation)
      Copyright free source or music replacement when DVD recording.
    • ( ii ) 2007 JFF Fire Contest Beginner, Intermediate class
      Copyright free source or music replacement when DVD recording.
    • ( iii ) 2007 JFF Fire Contest Advanced Class
      National music under management of JASRAC(*1)・Copyright free source.
    • Other Categories Music source allowed using for performance.
    • ( a ) Guest performers
      Copyright free source・music replacement when DVD recording or right to refuse print.
    • ( b ) Free performance Stage
      Copy right free source or music replacement when DVD recording.
    • *1 Moreover, even within the music in JSRAC management, we may have to negotiate for replacement of the music in case such as when it is specialized piece of work, which cost more than 50,000yen in use. About music source in JASRAC management, click database search at right side bottom of the top page on Japan music copyright corporation site (http://www.jasrac.or.jp/)
      Go to J-WID page to find out whether the music is under JASRAC management or not.
  • Judge Method

  • Implement new criteria method refer to the judging method adopted in 2006 NFF contest.
  • Reference: Judge method in 2006 NFF contest.
    Sum up points marked by 4 people of judges and guest judges.
    "Judge" Mark up to 20points to each of following 5categories(100points in total)
  • ( a ) Skill point... high ability of skill
    ( b ) Originality Point.... High Originality
    ( c ) Art Point... Beauty of the performance
    ( d ) Performance Point...Total accomplishment of performance, matching with music, balance of routine
    ( e ) Overall point. Reflect favour of judge him/her self.
  • "Public Vote" Audience choose 3performers and vote. Add following points depend on ranking in vote. Winner +20points / Runner-up +10points / 3rd +5points / no point for under 4th.
  • Sum up points from Judges and public vote and decide
  • Judge method in 2007 JFF contest will refer to judge method in 2006 NFF contest and adopt opinions from fire artists.
    (Currently under consideration)
  • Abolish the popularity vote that influenced by eminence of fame.
    Mark method that everyone gets chance.
    Compete in tournament form.
    Give name to each one instead of points.
    A big demerit points for exceeding time.
    A big points for people who genuinely liven up audience with his/her performance.
  • Prize (plan) (Following is prize in 2006NFF)
    Winner - Prize money of 30,000yen + Fire Poi (10,000 worth) + Invitation to JFF2008 (includes transportation fee, lodging fee and participation fee)
    Runner-up Prize money of 10,000Yen + Wicks (5,000 worth)
    3rd Prize money of 5,000Yen + latest DVD