Online ticket application

- Link to online application is located at bottom of the page.
Please read following carefully before the application.

Plus if you would like to take a course of workshop you will need to pay workshop participation fee(currently considering) separately. Ticket for workshops can be purchased at the venue.
Please click here in detail and fee for each workshops. 1 workshop ticket is included in entrance fee.

  • Participation Fee

  • Online ticket: 6,500 yen
  • On that day: 7,500 yen.
  • - facilities use fee and 1workshop ticket are included.
  • - No charge for people under 17(limited to only who accompanied by resposible gardian)
  • Things I would like you to promise regarding participation.

  • In order to make sure everyone can have great fun at festival, we are asking participants to read following promises. Please read and understand following.
  • 1.Not to bring your own fuel.

  • Fresh and Safe Echo fuel will be prepared by managemant staff all for free. So please do not bring your own fuel. However, we will correspond if there is any enquiry before hand. Please contact us for those who wish to use their own fuel.
  • 2.Not to use fire outside of permitted area.

  • Areas where you can use fire are divided off clearly.We will annouse those area so please follow by the rule.
  • 3.Video, photograph for personal use.

  • The committee might use parcipant's music and video of shows while event as material for future. As we use them, we try to get permission by performers as much as possible, however, we may possibly leave out the permission if we find trouble to get contact with person.Moreover, when you take video of performance, instrument play of each other.
    Please understand that there is copyright of people who perform and please keep manner in good way to each other.