Guidelines for applicants

  • It thinks about the content of the event, and the staff who can ask for help of the management on that day by the volunteer is recruited. It is safe also even in an event inexperienced person. Let's create the highest fire festival together.
  • Content of work

  • Please let me register in the mailing list only for the staff. Please participate in the idea of the content of the event and the discussion for management. Please the preparation and the withdrawal work, houseclean, guide in the hall, and help the workshop on that day of the festival. Of course, it is not because it asks one person for everything. It would be greatly appreciated if it could help within the range that everybody can do.
  • It is necessary to pay all the charges like transportation and the facilities use fee, etc. basically excuse me as usual. Please acknowledge examining the replacement and some privileges.
  • Application

    Please contact the person who can apply to the volunteer staff execution committee ( In that case, please teach the name (furigana name) and the where to make contact, sex, and the age. I will report from the execution committee later.