"Japan Fire Festival" festival of music and fire

Japan Fire Festilval2008 Vison

JFF2008 Mission Statement

Festival that aim to achieve cultivation and expansion of Fire culture.

JFF2008 Management Policy
(sence of value we would like to share with all particapants)

Growth of Fire culture.

Aim to tighten connection of the community as whole, and improve in awareness.
Development in skill and expression of fire performance.

Expansion of Fire culture.

Aim to obtain social awareness as part of art culture by providing opportunity to experience fire culture(Art, community circle, juggling)

Improvement in manner of fire spinning.

Run safety mangement thoroughly, and aim to improveme manner in fire spinning community.

Enjoy with all participants

Share imspirational and emotional experience with everyone participate(include Performers, Audience, Staff)and to be a great festival you want to participate every year.

International exchange

Activate a skill and a cultural exchange with overseas spinning firends.

JFF2008 will provide projects and managemet structure which help everyone to obtain stonger connection and firendship through JFF. Not just festival that "someone" create, but it is a festival get together and create with everyone who loves fire spinning culture. That is this year's JFF!

Therefore, Everyone (including general producer, management team, volunteer staff, fire performer) pays entrance fee. The fire culture will infiltrate into Japanese society as part of art culture by making this festival seucceed. Let's make up a festival that is all start and festival that it can be proud to have participated when the fire culture grows up greatly in the future with us!