"Japan Fire Festival" festival of music and fire

JFF2008 Access

Access to the venue

[JFF2008 Venue]
Saera Ski Resort Ose

4648 Higashi-ogawa Katashina-village Gunma-ken
Tel: 0278-58-4111

Access by public transport

To Numata From Tokyo
Haneda airport - Shinagawa(Keikyu-Sen (Line))
Shinagawa - Ueno(Yamanote-Sen (Line))
Ueno - Takasaki(Takasaki-Sen(line))
Takasaki - Numata(Jouetsu-Sen(line))
Note)Approximately 3.5hours, Transport fee 3000JPY + 2710JPY ( for Shinkansen Reserved Seat)
Narita airport - Keisei Ueno(Keisei Honsen Tokkyu-)
Keisei Ueno - Takasaki(Takasaki-Sen(line))
Takasaki - Numata(Jouetsu-Sen(line))
Note)Approximately 4.5hours, Transport fee 3520JPY+ 2520JPY (for Shinkansen Reserved Seat)

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To Numata
From Kansai(Western Japan) Area
Shin Osaka - Tokyo(JR Shinkansen)
Tokyo - Ueno(Keihin Tohoku-Sen, Negishi-Sen)
Ueno - Takasaki(Takasaki-Sen)
Takasaki - Numata(Jouestu-Sen)
Note)Approximately 5.5 to 6hours, Transport fee 16,750JPY

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Numata - Kamata
Kanestu Koutsuu Bus(to Ose) Numata Train Station - Kamata
Approximately 1hour, Transport fee 1600JPY
1-2 bus are scheduled every an hour (6:20am - 20:20pm)
(Time schedule available from the website below.)
Kanetsu Koutsuu Bus : http://www.kan-etsu.net/r-bus/timetable/numata-kamata-1.htm

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Express Bus (Pre-booking required least 3days beforehead)
Shinjuku train station - Kamata
Twice a day (fee: 3600JPY)
Depart 8:00am, Approximately 3.5hours
Depart 22:00pm, Approximately 5hours
Terminal Info: Shinjuku station, take Shin-minami-guchi exit(New South exit), walk down stare, terminal located next to "NEW DAYS".
Kanetsu Ko-soku Bus:http://www.kan-etsu.net/shinjyuku/index.htm

Kamata Terminal - Venue
Fee: Approx 1500JPY
Kanetsu Koutsuu Taxi Kamata Division: Tel 0278-58-3311(*Pre-booking required due to on-season of OSE)
Kanestu Koutsuu Taxi : http://www.kan-etsu.net/taxi/top.htm

Ko-soku Bus, Rosen Bus, Taxi are Kanetsu Koutsuu
Infor and enquiry: 0278-23-1111
Web : http://www.kan-etsu.net/

Access by car
Follow Kanetsu Jidousha-Do, 31km from Numata Inter change.
Take Numata Inter change, follow the road to the end, take left into Kokudou 120Gou(R120)
follow the road approximately 29km to the location until you see sign
When you see JFF info sign and Saera resprt sign, follow the sign to the festival.