"Japan Fire Festival" festival of music and fire

About (Show Contest) and (Fire Jam Battle)

Show and Contest was separated program until last year, both these are (performer) vs. (Audience) style. Audience and judges are focusing watching performer.
Of course you can unify into audience by your performance but basically there are watching side and performing side. This year's new program Fire jam battle is time to share with everyone who is there (performer) vs. (Audience) vs. (music).
Both events should be fun of course, but it'll be more fun to have different kind of main events.
That is why we have programmed fire jam battle on first day, and fire contest and show for second day.

FIRE JAM (Fire Battle)

Jam session performance with live music by few performers simultaneously. Middle contest last year or more chilled out performance time.

  • People who want to perform in front of audience but not encouraged to go into contest.
  • People who don't want to perform by your self.
  • People who want to enjoy performance with live music and spectator's cheer.
Anybody can participate and enjoy with everyone, it is really the festival time.


September13th 20:00 - 22:00

Participation Method

You just need to fill in your name and tool you going to use in form.
You can also participate while the programs going on.

Program procedure

  • We will announce performer's name before every session start.
  • Music will star as soon as all participants get to performance space.
  • 4-5performers do free style performance for approximately 3minutes with live music every session.
  • Performer who got biggest cheer from cloud will remain for next session battle.
  • First performance session will be categorized by tool (poi, staff, etc) but not after 2nd session.
  • There will be little gift given to winner of the jam battle.

The biggest purpose of the program is to have fun performing with everyone.
Not win or losing but having good time with everyone is more important and therefore there won't be gorgeous prize!

Judge method

We will announce who's going to next jam battle after performance.
Judge will be MC, or we will find someone.

note: Please do not focus on winning too much. It is just one time performance.

About fuel management

Kerosene will be prepared by JFF.
If you would like to use some special fuel such as white gasoline, then please declare it to committee and please manage it yourself and be careful handling.

Those who participate contest or perform with fire must pay attention to safety for both audience and your self and you are responsible for all accidents.
We will run safety management thoroughly, however please remember that basically it is your responsible. Please participate safety lecture.