"Japan Fire Festival" festival of music and fire

Participation Application Guideline

Online register finished .
The acceptance is accepted for 9,000 yen on that day. Please accept in the reception.

There is a link for application form bottom of this page. Please read following terms before the application.
Thank you for applying for participation to JFF2008. Link to application form is located bottom of this page.
For those who applying, please start your application after you read and understand following terms and 'about individual information usage'. Let's make this festival success together!

Other application

Participation Fee

JFF2008 need pre-registration.
JFF will have community food service to eat everyone together, so we have decided to charge person under 15 also. Please pay your participation fee by Japanese YEN at entrance.

  • Adult ticket \8000
  • Under15 \3000
  • Under12 Free
  • Participant who is under 15, 12 need to be accompanied with guardian.
  • Participant who is under 15, 12 need agreement signed by guardian.
  • Parking, facility using fee, performance fuel, community food.
  • Workshop participation fee(*1), participation fee are included. (*1) some of the workshop require participation fee for raw material.
  • We cannot refund participation fee for any reason such as event hold and postponement, participation cancellation. And JFF does not undertake responsibility for damage occurs in those cases.

Questions when you apply ticket purchase.

You will move on to ticket application screen after this, there are many question in the form in order to reduce management work. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Nick name

You need to have name tag on your body where we can see during the festival.

Japanese conversation level

  • Daily conversation level: I am not fluent Japanese speaker but do not have a problem with easy conversation.
  • Interpreter level: I can speak Japanese. I can help interpreting and guide for workshop.

Planned participation date.

In JFF2008, we all eat community food (Free) together, so we would like to know how much food we need to make roughly. Please let us know dates you are planning to participate.

Help for community service

JFF2008 is participative community event. It cannot be done without everyone's help. You don't need to do too much work if we divide the work with everyone.
Also as all participants help some work in festival, we wish that everyone can share the feeling that this is a festival created above everyone's help.
All participants will be indicated to join some team and help some work.
Of course you are welcome to help some work other than work in your team positively.
Let's make fantastic space all together!

Team division

  • Event construction: Only those who can participate from Friday12th or Monday15th afternoon
  • Event construction, sign& display making to physical labour, art ,etc
  • Management team: event proceeding, announce, mobilization arrangement, entrance, sales, etc
  • Community food: Community food making, serving, clean up, etc
  • Safety management: Fire safety, fuel management, public peace maintenance activity, etc
  • Recording: Movie, photo taking, text documentation, article making, etc

I agree to terms above and apply for JFF2008 participationOnline register finished